Freelance Services And Pricing




Below, you will find various services I offer. I have different turnaround times depending on the work. Because I offer only the best quality artwork, turnaround may depend on how full my work schedule is at the time of your order. A best practice is to allow cushion time for changes or unexpected delays. Contact me for an update on my current schedule and availability.




The typical turnaround time is two business days. The price will depend on the work involved. If you only need color separation the price will be lower, but if I also need to enhance or make editing changes the quote will be higher. The price may range from $65.00-$250.00. The average CMYK separation will be about $65. Any editing needed is additional and based on an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour.




The standard turnaround time is about 1-2 business weeks. Price depends on your needs, so shoot me an email with a project proposal.




These rates will be determined by the style of work, number of pages needed, and turnaround needed. I charge $110 per page for standard detailed pages and $100 per page for cartoonish style. A standard comic book size of 22 pages would equal $2000-2200. For 22 pages I will need about 6 weeks for turnaround.




Standard coloring over someone else’s art with no separations will be $95 per page. I can also do digital painting method over pencils at $150 per page.




My standard turnaround time is two business days. Send me a Jpg, .tiff, or other digital image file that you may need to convert to a vector image. The work will be sent back in illustrator vector format or other format if requested. The price will depend on the level of difficulty. Basic conversion will be about $20. Any editing will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour.




Editing is based on an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour.




I will accept payment through https://www.Paypal. It’s easy and one of the most secure and safest payment methods. I will also accept checks made out to Lucas Nickerson. I require a 15-25% deposit up front on all orders over $100 before I will begin production. Payment in full is required on all new orders under $100.00 or less. Any advance payment checks must also clear the bank before production will be started.
Thank you.







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