Making a Studio Easel from Recycled Mahogany. 

So- To get back into easel painting, I decided to revamp my work space by creating a custom easel from an old mahogany ramp. I’ve decided to add to the limited reference available on the webs so that others might have an easeler time researching a build of their own. Any suggestions or comments also welcomed!


I had to rip the boards through my crap table saw,  and being 12 foot mahogany boards it was not fun. I decided to frame it at 7 1/2 feet. That should accommodate any size surface I’d ever need. The raise/lower mechanisms are just blocks with mower adjuster knobs and carriage bolts. They use friction and pressure to hold the shelves In place.

It stands!


I wanted to add some useful accessories. Palette tray coming soon!

It’s not perfect, but very sturdy!